11046691_10204190918234699_8941765058383323063_nYouth Advocate, Speaker, Educator and Entrepreneur…

Marcy Williams has always been motivated to teach and inspire others to work toward their goals. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Richmond, VA, Ms. Williams learned early in her life to educated herself and not to rely on the testimony or experiences of others to determine her path. As the first in her family to go to college, she did not always make the best decisions. While she was a scholar student in high school, she allowed her fear of the unknown to distract her and even change her goals from that of what she desired to do, to what was explained to her as “the best thing for you”. In doing so, she struggled for years, until she made up in her mind, enough is enough. Ms. Williams stated, “I must pursue my purpose and passion and do what God created me to do”. Today, she educates and mentors youth and adults by assisting them in identifying their gifts, talents but more importantly their passions. She is a strong believer in being the example – for them to not only “do as I say, but to do as I do. Being a leader is more than direction, it’s also demonstration of the right way to do things”.

Ms. Williams has developed several programs that have impacted hundreds of youth for over 15 years. From middle school workshops, college prep, career readiness for adults and most recently social media safety and teen dating, Ms. Williams is determined to give to people what was denied her – a path to success. Her work has led to her receiving such awards as the: 2015 Metropolitan Business League “Distinguished Community Service Award”, “The Do Something Education Award – 2015” and the 10560558_10202639725175842_8595366820839218201_oStrayer University “Alumni of the Year Award – 2011”.

Marcy Williams is the Founder and CEO Kollege and Kareer 4 Youth (KaKY). Currently she is employed as an Adjunct Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, an accomplished author and active member of her community. She received her Bachelor of Science in Business from Virginia Commonwealth University, M.B.A. Master’s in Human Resource Management from and M.Ed. Master’s in Education.


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